Are you a beginning pianist looking for great songs to play?

If so, you're not alone. Many beginners struggle to find good, fun music to work on that is achievable for them. Regardless of your age, there's only so many times you can work through that four note arrangement of Three Blind Mice without beginning to go crazy, yet by no means are you read to perform the Rachmaninoff 2nd Piano Concerto!

Here are a few ideas of pieces you might consider playing for some of your first real life piano works, that don't sound like they've come out of an exercise book.

Best Classical Music: Mozart

The first area to turn to is the world of classical music. Of all of the classical eras, the best ones to focus on for beginning pianists are those from the Classical Period of the late 18th century.

This is the world of Mozart, Haydn, and Handel, and many of their songs are not very technical.

While performing a full sonata might still be a challenge, you can easily find excerpts or even entire movements that are more than reasonable to play.

My recommendation is to get a book of the Mozart piano sonatas, and find one that works well for you. If you're a true beginner, K545 is widely considered the easiest of the bunch.

Best Popular Music: Disney Songs

Another route you might take is to pick from popular songs that are easy to learn.

The best group of these songs, almost all of which are technically easy to play, or can be arranged into to an easy version, are Disney songs.

There's something about these short, catchy tunes that makes them so appealing, and as a budding pianist you'll quickly be able to impress your friends and family with one of their favorite songs from the latest hit Disney movie.

For example the "Do You Want To Build a Snowman" piano sheet music, from the movie Frozen, is extremely easy to play, even for a novice pianist. You can also browse more Frozen songs to find other gems that are fairly easy to work on.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas of types of songs you might play. I'm a firm believer that one of the main keys to success when learning a new instrument (no pun intended for you pianists!) is the ability to have fun while practicing, and learning songs that you like and are genuinely interested in, rather than simply following along and playing the next one in your lesson book, can go a long way to making practicing an enjoyable experience, and turning you into a better pianist in the process!