If you're just beginning to learn guitar, one of the most important steps you can take is to pick a good song to learn as your first tune.

This is an extremely important step on your path to becoming a good musician, and yet it isn't always an easy decision to make. In this post we'll look at some tips for choosing a good song, and then give you two popular recommendations you might want to consider.

How To Choose Your First Song

First let's take a look at some tips for how to choose your first song. Believe it or not, your first selection can actually have a huge impact on the path you take as a guitarist. It will either cement your intuitions and encourage you to keep practicing, or convince you you'll never succeed and make you want to give up. Obviously we prefer the former, which is why the following two considerations are so important.

Choose a Song You Love

By far the most important area to consider is what music you really enjoy listening to. Most people pick up the guitar because they want to be able to play songs they've heard on the radio and mimic artists they're really into.

That passion can serve as a great motivator, and while your favorite song might not be realistic as a beginner (depending on the level of difficulty) you should definitely choose a good beginner song that you love.

After all, you're going to be practicing this song a lot, and it will instill within you a love of the instrument that you can carry with you for years.

Choose an Easy Song

The second consideration is to choose an easy song to work on. The point here is simply to make sure that you don't overextend yourself and set yourself up for failure.

There are lots of great lists of beginner songs you can choose from, many of which focus on a few main chords, like E, C, D, G, and A, or even just a small subset of those chords. Avoid songs that use more difficult chords, like F, to start out with, or that require you to use a capo in order to play them well. Get a good grounding in the basics first, and then you can move on to those other songs later.

See a list of beginner songs from GuitarWorld.

Recommendations for Beginning Songs

Sweet Home Alabama

The first recommendation I have for a beginning guitarist is Sweet Home Alabama. This song is a classic hit, and is a great tune that isn't too hard to play and is something you'll be eager to brag about to your friends and play at the next party you go to.

Because it's so well known, you'll be able to master the sound and feel of the song more easily as well. See theĀ Sweet Home Alabama guitar chords to get started.


Another popular choice is Photograph, by Ed Sheeran. This is a great easy song that is a lot newer than Sweet Home Alabama, giving it more popular appeal with a younger audience. The song only uses a few chords, and has a slow, easy strum style that makes it accessible for a novice guitarist.

See theĀ Ed Sheeran Photograph chords for more info and to get started learning it!